Food culture for Dart Frogs can sometimes be a challenge. Instant culture mixes are becoming more popular and widely available. Although we will discuss a few homemade medium recipes, I highly recommend the investment of a few extra dollars. The ease and reliability of the Commercial culture mediums is far superior to one without the use of Methyl paraben.


Fruit Flies- Melongaster

Melongaster fruit flies for Dart Frog cultures have been genetically altered to be flightless or even wingless.

You'll Need:

Disposable Plastic container or Sterilized Glass Qt Jar- fill bottom with 1 1/2" medium. Sprinkle with 20 grains only of instant bakers yeast. Place one paper coffee filter inside. Cover with paper towel, sheer fabric, or nylon and rubber bands. Let rest 12- 24 hours. Add melongaster flies. Let sit 14 days. Feed out. Once jars have exhausted. Rinse, sterilize, and repeat.

One jar of fruit flies per every three frogs per week.

Always dust flies with 50/50 calcium powder/ multi Vitamin mix before feeding. Tap flies into cup containing powder. Tap flies out into tank.


Fruit Flies- Hydei

Hydei fruit flies are 2- 3 times larger than the average melongaster. They do require 30 days to flush out as opposed to 14 for the melongaster. If you are using a home made mix without methyl paraben, this can be a difficult one to culture. It is worth it for the added bulk and variety for your frogs. Follow the same culture procedures as above. Add Hydei flies and cover.

Dust with calcium powder and a multivitamin powder at every feeding.


Fruit Fly Medium Recipes

Power Mix

Add 2 Cups Vinegar to 2 1/2 cups water in a boiling pot.

Add 1/2 container Frozen Grape Fruit Juice

Add 1/8 Cup De-Sulphured or Regular Molasses

Add 2-4 Ripe bananas

Using a potato masher initially just grind the bananas into chunks. Let heat until boiling slightly. Reduce heat to avoid spatters. Mash the remaining banana chunks until a smooth puree is achieved. Remove from heat

Mix in 1/3 Cup Ovaltine

Mix in 1/4 Cup Brewer's Yeast

Add 1 1/2 Cup to 2 cups Instant Mash Potato Flakes

Spoon into Sterilized Quart Glass Jars 1 1/2" - 2" deep

Sprinkle with 20 grains only Instant Baker's Yeast

Cover and let sit 24 hours

Add Flies and set aside........